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In today's evolving world, employers are increasingly seeking skill-based workers for specific jobs without long-term commitments.

Teamanics fills the void of career planning for employees and quick, streamlined hiring for employers by combining AI, community insights, and new business models.

Get Hired, Move Up, Earn More

Grow within your industry or try something new
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Why Teamanics?

Empowerment through
Peer Collaboration

At Teamanics, we believe in the power of peers. Our community empowers each other by identifying strengths, sharing valuable tips to excel at their jobs, discovering advancement opportunities, and exploring cross-industry careers.


Scaling Personal Referrals with
Peer Ratings

Teamanics leverages peer ratings of skills, revolutionizing the hiring process. Similar to a personal referral, hiring decisions are made based on trusted recommendations from those who know the candidate's abilities firsthand.

Streamlined Hiring, Verified Strengths

Employers value peer ratings of skills as they confirm a worker's strengths, leading to faster decision-making and eliminating the overhead of traditional staffing agencies.

Revolutionizing Work Culture and Career Paths

Teamanics is at the forefront of transforming hiring practices, resolving worker shortages, and identifying career paths based on overlapping skills.

The future of work culture is here.

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Teamanics is a service of Metabyte, Inc.
Metabyte, Inc. is a leading technology services and staffing company since 1993. Direct hire workers get employed by the customer. Contingent or contract workers get employed by Metabyte.

Teamanics is a rapidly growing peer network that helps people get hired or move up based on skill ratings from current or past coworkers.
Teamanics is massively scaling the all-time favorite method of hiring - a personal referral, i.e. an employer hiring someone because someone trustworthy vouches for their skills.
Employers value peer ratings of skills because they confirm a worker's strengths. It leads to fast decisions.
Teamanics ratings are weighted based on credibility. Honest ratings highlight strengths. Our patented AI technology is hard to gamify with false ratings.
Teamanics is a start to finish career platform for getting a job. Teamanics avoids the overhead of staffing agencies, arranges interviews, and completes the process up to hiring.
Teamanics is backed by Metabyte, Inc., a leading technology services and staffing company since 1993. Direct hire workers get employed by the customer. Contingent workers get employed by Metabyte.
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