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Teamanics is a rapidly growing peer network that helps people get hired or move up based on skill ratings from current or past coworkers.
Teamanics is massively scaling the all-time favorite method of hiring – a personal referral, i.e. hiring someone because someone you trust vouches for their skills.
Employers value peer ratings of skills because they confirm a worker’s strengths. It leads to fast decisions.
Teamanics ratings are weighted based on credibility. Honest ratings highlight strengths. Our patented AI technology is hard to gamify with false ratings.
Teamanics is a start to finish platform for hiring a worker. Teamanics avoids the overhead of staffing agencies, arranges interviews, and completes the process up to hiring.
Teamanics is backed by Metabyte, Inc., a leading technology services and staffing company since 1993. Direct hire workers get employed by you. Contingent workers get employed by Metabyte, and Metabyte bills you.
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